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Frequently Asked Questions - HVAC

Q: My unit keeps freezing up. What is causing this?

A:  The most common reasons this happens can be linked to several different reasons. Dirty coils or filters are often the reason, however low refrigerant or a defective motor and or relay switch may also be causing the unit to freeze up.

Q:  Why is it important to have regular maintenence on my unit?

A:  As with all mechanical equipment, regular maintenance will allow your system to operate at peak efficiency, saving energy and money.

An air conditioning system preventative maintenance program should include checking the following: refrigerant levels, all electrical components, condenser, filters, drains, safety controls, air flow, cleaning evaporator and condensing coils, oiling motors calibrating the thermostat and cleaning or replacing filters.

Heating system preventative maintenance should include: checking mechanical condition of the furnace, heat pump or boiler, cleaning the burner and checking proper flame characteristics, cleaning the pilot and checking the pilot/igniter operation, identifying of proper replacement filters, comparing the condition of the vent pipe to chimney and draft intensity, checking the carbon monoxide level.

Perhaps it sounds like a lot now, but all of these items can be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Following a preventative maintenance schedule semi-annually on your heating and cooling equipment will extend the life of your equipment, improve the safe operation of your equipment, improve the capacity and efficiency of your equipment and most importantly, give you peace of mind.

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