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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I keep hearing about tankless water heaters.  What is so special about them?

A:  Tankless water heaters have numerous benefits.  Imagine first of all a family of five getting ready for school one morning.  Who is that fifth person that gets the cold shower?  Is it you?  Or are you not using your Jacuzzi tub, because you can't fill it without running out of hot water?  Tankless water heaters provide an infinite amount of hot water.  Water continuously moves across coils that heat the water, thereby never running out of hot water.  Another benefit is its size.  The actual unit is a fraction the size of a standard upright water heater.  They can be mounted either inside or outdoors.   Tankless water heaters are more efficient and thereby many homeowners can qualify for a tax credit.

Q:  My husband and I are considering renovating our master bathroom and we just do not know where to start.  What advice can you give us?

A:  Undertaking a renovation can be a huge project. You are going to have to start with patience!  You will need to decide first if you're going to hire a general contractor or contract the work yourself.  There are numerous decisions to be made even in the smallest of rooms.  Take the time to consider all of the choices you have to make - fixtures, cabinets, lighting, tile, commodes, etc.  You will be surprised at how many different choices you have in commodes alone.  There will come a point in the renovation process that to change your mind even on what seems like a little thing such as a shower valve trim will result in additional expenses.  Additionally take the time to talk to the folks working for you.  Miscommunication is the leading cause of RFS (remodel frustration syndrome).  Make sure you are comfortable discussing your project and that they are more importantly listening to you.

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