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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My commode flushes all by itself sometimes.  Why is this happening?

A:  We call those “Phantom Flushers!”  Typically what is happening is that the flapper is not completely sealing and water is leaking out which will affect your water bill over time.  When the water gets below a certain level, the ballcock kicks on causing the tank to refill -- seemingly flushing all by itself.  Typically replacing the flapper will cure this problem.

Q:  My garbage disposal makes a humming noise when I turn it on.  Does it need to be replaced?

A:  The disposal may just be jammed.  Most disposals have a reset button either on the bottom of the appliance or on the side.  Once you locate the reset button simply push it in.  Some disposals are equipped with their own Allen wrench.  In this case, insert the wrench into the socket and move back and forth to unlock it.  If you are unable to locate the reset button or if you do not have the Allen wrench, try inserting a broom or mop handle through the sink entrance and attempt to clear the jam in this way.  NEVER PUT YOUR HAND DOWN THE SINK NEAR THE DISPOSAL.  IT MAY KICK ON OR LOOSEN ITSELF WHEN YOU'RE NOT EXPECTING IT!

Q:  My water bill has nearly doubled since last month!  How can this be? 

A:  There could be a number of reasons your water bill would shoot up in just one billing period.  The most common causes can be problems inside your home.  Leaking commodes and dripping faucets often go unnoticed until the water bill comes in.  There is also the possibility of a leak in a pipe under ground or a leaking pipe in a wall or crawl space.  Look for wet spots or pooling water in the yard or water spots on walls.

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