Commercial and Residential Plumbing Services

Professionals To Handle Every Water Heating Need!

Customers love Hot water and it is crucial to their health and daily lives at home and work. Myers Trained, Experienced Professional Plumbers and Craftsmen can handle any Service, Repair, Replacement, New installation or Maintenance need to insure comfort and hot water needs are satisfied at your home or work.

We work on every brand, every size, every day!

Myers Technicians have the tools, training and expertise to service or repair any brand and model of water heating appliance. If your water heater is leaking and requires replacement Myers will assist you in selecting the most Energy Efficient water heater to meet your needs. We Install only the highest efficiency quality electric, natural gas and propane tank and tankless water heaters from A. O. Smith, State Industries, American, Lochinvar, Rheem, Rinnai, Noritz, Navien.

We Service, Repair, Replace, Maintenance and Install All Water Heating Appliances!

  • Gas Atmospheric

  • Gas Direct Vent

  • Gas Power Vent

  • Electric Heat Pump Heaters

  • Electric Hybrid Heaters

  • Electric Tank Heaters

  • Gas Tankless Condensing Heaters

  • Gas Tankless Non-Condensing Heaters

  • Electric Tankless Heaters

  • Under-Counter Instant Heaters

  • Specialty & Mobile Home Heaters

  • Storage and Expansion Tanks

  • Commercial Tankless Heaters

  • Commercial Domestic Boilers

  • Commercial Gas Heaters

  • Commercial Electric Heaters

  • Commercial Low-Nox Heaters

  • Commercial Storage Tanks

Plumbers To Handle Every Water and Plumbing Need!

No matter if its a water leak, running toilet, worn-out faucet, high or low water pressure, Myers has trained, experienced Plumbers and Craftsmen to handle any Plumbing Service, Repair, Replacement, New installation or Maintenance need.

Customers can depend on Myers for all their Water Needs!

Since 1978, Myers Plumbers have taken care of residential and commercial customer’s water supply needs, delivering quality water where and how they need it, when they need it. From the water meter to any fixture in your home Myers can fix any leak, service any fixture, replace or install new supply piping, eliminate noisy pipes or water hammer, regulate or boost water pressure, install or connect any appliance and install or service any water quality device.

Home or Business We Service, Repair, Replace and Install anything on your Water Supply!

Water Supply

Leak Repairs & Re-pipes
New Water Supply Lines
Hot Water Recirculation
Water Meters & Boxes
Backflows & Boxes

Water Pressure

Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure Boosting Pumps
Expansion Tanks
Replace clogged/broken lines

Flood Prevention

Automatic Water Shutoffs
Heat Taping / Tracing
Pressure Reducing Valves
Sump Pumps
Drain Clearing & Cleaning

No Flow or Overflowing – You Need a Myers Plumber, Quick!

No Matter if its a water or drain Leak, Stopped-Up or Running Toilet or worn-out fixture, Myers has Trained, Experienced Technicians and Craftsmen to handle any Service, Repair, Replacement, New installation or Maintenance need.

Our Plumbing Professionals make “Nightmares” go away for you!

Nothing creates panic like a stoppage or overflow! Myers Professional Plumbers have the tools and experience to inspect, diagnose and get any drain or sewer flowing again. We use the latest inspection cameras, drain cleaning and drain clearing tools and equipment to clean or restore flow to your drains as quickly as possible.

Home or Business no drain or sewer issue is too big or small, Myers Plumbers fix them all!

Fixture & Appliance Drains

Clear Toilet & Sink Drains
Clear Shower & Tub Drains
Clear Washing Machine Drains
Clear Dishwasher & Disposals

We Clear Any Drain!

Sewer Re-pipe & Replacement

Inside Sewer Line Re-piping
Outside Cast Iron, Clay, Cement, Brick Sewer Line Replacement
Septic to Sewer Conversion
New Sewer & Water Service

Sewer & Drain Services

Drain Line Camera Inspection            Bio Enzyme Drain Cleaning

Clog or Break Sonde Locating           Tree Root Clearing & Treatment

Drain Cleaning & Water Jetting          Sewer Relief & Restoration

We Fix Fixtures! Replace and Upgrade them to!

Our homes and business are full of fixtures which require routine maintenance, service and occasional repair(s). Upgrading or replacement to improve comfort, save water, energy and money are also great reasons to call Myers Trained, Experienced Technicians and Craftsmen.

We Fix Fixtures and Install New…Our Plumbers are here to serve You!

Your home and business are full of fixtures like toilets, faucets, showers and sinks and Myers Professional Plumbers service, repair, replace and install new fixtures from any manufacturer. If your fixture needs service or repair our technician will diagnose the issue and resolve it, however fixtures have a useful life and if yours is in need of replacement or maybe you are remodeling or upgrading our professionals can assist you in selecting the fixture to fulfill your needs or dreams and properly install it to insure your comfort! We also connect to all water & gas appliances!

Home or Business We Service, Repair, Replace and Install Any and All Fixtures!


Sinks – Any Size or Shape
Disposals / Food Disposers
Gas Range, Dishwasher and Ice Maker connections


Toilets, Bidets, Urinals
Sinks & Faucets
Shower & Tub Valves and Trims
Spas & Jacuzzi
Hot Water Circulators


ADA Toilets & Fixtures
Urinals – Water & Waterless
Warewashing Appliances

Taste, Smell, Color or Temperature Not Right? We Deliver Water Quality!

If the Taste, Smell, Color or Temperature of your water is not right, you have water quality issues. Myers Technicians will analyze your water or issue and install the best water quality solutions to deliver the highest quality water to your home or business. We service and repair existing water quality systems, to!

Quality Water is Crucial to Health and Daily Life!

“You can buy a filter or be the filter – either way the water you drink is going to get filtered”. Let Myers Water Technicians insure you have the highest quality water for the ultimate quality of life. If your waiting to long for hot water to cleanse your body, our plumbing professionals can install a hot water circulation system to save money and time. If your water color, smell or taste isn’t right Myers will conduct water analysis and install the optimum water filtration or treatment system to resolve the issues and deliver the clearest, cleanest best tasting water possible to your home or business. Existing water systems in disrepair, call Myers for service or repair.

Home or Business We Service, Repair, Replace and Install Water Quality Solutions!

Solve Waiting for Hot Water

Retrofit Circulator Pump System
Plumb Recirculation Loop(s)
Install Circulator Pump(s)
Hot Water Holding Tank
Under-Counter & Instant Hots

Water Quality Solutions

Point-of-Use Water Filters
Whole House Water Filters
Point-of-Entry Water Filters
Trash / Particulate Filters
Water Conditioners

Water Quality Solutions

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Treatment Systems
Water Softening Systems
Water Sampling & Testing