Providing Comprehensive Underground Utility Plumbing


Installs, repairs and replaces underground plumbing: water, sewer and natural gas lines. Myers has the excavation equipment and experienced utility technicians to install new service water supply and sewer lines for your new home or business and repair or replace old, cracked, blocked or collapsed lines.


Myers installs, repairs and replaces underground plumbing: water, sewer and natural gas lines. Myers has the excavation equipment and experienced utility technicians to install new service water supply and sewer lines for your new home or business and repair or replace old, cracked, blocked or collapsed lines.

Delivering Water for Health and Daily Life!

Building a New Home or Office and require a new water service supply line, water meter and water meter box for your property, with 43 years experience Myers will do it right and timely. If you have an older home lacking water volume or flow, galvanized pipes or broken pipes Myers can locate and do spot repairs or replace the entire water service line. Most water line repairs and replacements can be done in one day and in the excavated area we compact the soil, rake, seed and straw for a neat finished job!

Home or Business We Service, Repair, Replace and Install Water Quality Solutions!

New Water Service

Install Water Meter
Install Water Meter Box
Install Water Line ¾” to 4”
Cover, Compact, Seed, Straw

Other Water Services

Pressure Reducing Valves
Backflow Prevention Devices
Pressure Boosting Systems
Backflow Testing
Backflow Repairs
Backflow Replacement

Repairs / Replacement

Leak Location
Spot Repair / Excavation
Complete Water Line / Excavation
Replace Water Meters
Replace Meter Boxes / Lids
Water Lines ¾” to 4”


Myers’ Utility Plumbers can locate your sewer tap, excavate, make tap connection and install your new sewer line. If your home is experiencing slow or backed up drains we can camera inspect your lines to locate the problem. If the problem is more than as simple blockage, like tree roots, cracks or collapse we can replace your line and get your drains flowing again properly.


Building a New Home or Office and require new sewer service, tap connection, cleanouts and sewer line installed, Myers can handle your project. If drains are slow flowing or backing up at home or business, Myers can Camera Inspect your sewer line to locate the problem. If your sewer linblocked, broken or collapsed Myers can excavate to make proper repairs or replacement of a section or complete sewer line. We install e is Cleanouts to permit access to address future drain issues. No job is too big or small we repair, replace and install sewer lines, routinely from 3” to 8” and larger.

Home or Business We Service, Repair, Replace and Install Sewer and Drain Lines!

New Sewer Service

Tap Location
Install Sewer/Drain Line 3” to 8”
Install Drain Cleanouts
Cover, Compact, Seed, Straw

Other Drain Services

Camera Inspection
Problem Location / Marking
Grease Traps
Drain Auguring / Clearing
Drain Water Jetting
Enzymatic Drain Cleaning

Repairs / Replacement

Locate Sewer Obstructions / Breaks
Excavate Problem Area and Repair
Excavate Trench from Tap to Home
Replace Sewer Line 3” to 8”
Replace all drain lines under home
Replace Cast Iron, Galvanized, Clay


Septic systems have a useful life! Depending on design, installation, materials, surroundings, trees, volume and types of wastes being processed a septic system may last 15 to 40 years. Septic systems require maintenance and can often be problematic! If you have Septic issues call Myers to see how we may help end them.

We Don’t Install Septic Systems; We Uninstall!

Septic Systems are usually simple, consisting of a tank, field lines and possibly a pump! Most septic systems are not taken care of and present unpleasant and recurring problems. Where sewer services are available Myers Utility Plumbers can disconnect your home drains from going to septic and install a new sewer line and connect your drains the public sewer. If your plumbing/drains need to be turned-around to make the connection, we do that to. We even destroy, backfill, cover, seed and straw over old septic tanks, if required by your local health department.

Have Myers end your Septic Issues by converting your drains to public sewer!

Septic Repairs

Repair Drain Lines to Septic Tank
Install New Drain Line to Tank
Install New Effluent Pump
Eliminate Obstructions
Install Clean-outs
Determine if “pump-out” needed

Eliminate Septic

Disconnect Drains from Septic
Turn around drain lines
Excavate for new sewer line
Install new sewer/drain line
Connect to sewer tap
Permit, compact, seed, straw

Septic Destruction

Destroy Septic top
Fill with gravel or fill
Cover with topsoil
Compact soil, rake, seed, straw
Haul-off any project waste


Myers installs, repairs and replaces above and under ground Natural Gas and Propane supply lines and piping. Myers runs gas piping from gas meter to every point of use in your home or business. Adding an addition, barbeque or firepit – Myers can excavate and install gas lines underground to your project and hook-up your equipment or appliances.

Let Myers Resolve Your Gas Pains?

Myers handles all Natural Gas and Propane jobs. Myers runs gas lines to Appliances and can “hook-up” your new gas appliance. If you are installing Natural gas for the first time at your home or business Myers can excavate and install underground lines outside and run all gas lines from your meter to your inside gas appliances! If you are adding an addition, barbeque, firepit or other gas using appliance Myers makes it easy to get gas where you need it!

End your Gas Pains by having Myers pipe gas where you need it !

New Gas Install

Excavation for underground pipes

Gas Pipe Installation - Corrugated Stainless, Copper, Black Steel, and Plastic Gas Pipe

½” to 4” Gas Pipe

Cover, Compact, Seed, Straw

Pressure Testing & Permit

Meter to Points of Use

Connection to Meter

New Installation to Building

Adding Branch Gas Lines

Install Shut-Offs

Connection to Appliances

Furnaces, Dryers, Ovens, Ranges, Fireplaces and more.

Repairs / Replacement

Locate and Repair Gas Leaks

Replace Gas Connectors & Shut-Offs

Replace Gas Lines

Gas Water Heater Valves & Pilots

Pressure Test Gas Lines

Gas Lines 1/2” to 4”


Myers Technicians are trained and certified by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation on Backflow Prevention Assemblies. Myers installs, repairs, replaces and tests backflow of every size and manufacture brand. If you need a backflow of have issues with an existing backflow call Myers!

Myers has you covered on any Backflow!

Myers installs new backflows in Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications of any size, type and manufacture brand. So, whether its new construction or addition of an irrigation system at your home or business, Myers can handle the permitting, sourcing, installation, enclosure and testing! If your existing backflow failed inspection Myers can diagnose the problem and if repairable - repair your backflow. If your backflow is beyond repair Myers can replace your backflow. Myers does Backflow Enclosures, Heating, Heat Taping. Myers tests backflows on every repair and install. Myers routinely repairs and installs backflows from Watts, Wilkins, Ames, Conbraco and Febco.


New Backflows

Any Brand Backflow
Any Size Backflow ½” to 10”
Excavation and Installation
Backflow Concrete Pads
Backflow Enclosures
Backflow Heating or Heat Taping
Permit and Testing

Repairs / Replacement

Diagnose Backflow Issue(s)
Provide Repair / Rebuild Parts
Repair or Rebuild Backflow
Backflow Testing
Replace any Backflow

Backflow Services

Test Backflows
Install Backflow Enclosures
Install Backflow Heating Sources
Install Backflow Concrete Pads
Winterize Backflows